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Moments after an accident occurs, both the insurance company for the person who injured you and your own insurance company will have professionals begin working the case.  Although many times these professionals will be very helpful in assisting you to find rental transportation and emergency medical care, none of those professionals will be interested in assisting you in finding medical professionals to best and promptly treat your injuries, and more specifically, in determining what the value of those injuries are to you.  Every conversation will be held with a professional who will be interested in getting statements from you that are inconsistent with a successful outcome of any future personal injury claim.

            I am routinely faced with words utilized by my client in discussions with insurance adjusters which have legal meanings not intended by the individual who used them.  The result: difficult legal issues impacting the case value.

            If you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault, it is very important to procure legal representation quickly in order that the facts and circumstances of the accident can be investigated and preserved.  To assist you in finding appropriate medical care, and if need be, negotiating with the insurance company while that care is being rendered. 

            As in all things in life, experience is the key to a successful outcome.  Make certain that the attorney you hire has had experience not only in negotiating with insurance companies, but in taking personal injury matters to trial, if the necessity arises.  That experience will be the difference between a “personal injury claim” and a “successful personal injury claim” in today’s market.  The attorneys at Eberhard, Weimer, & Glick have that experience, knowledge, and ability to pursue and receive a successful personal injury verdict.