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Like many of you, we have been living through some very unusual times.  Since our firm is heavily involved with local governments, we have been drafting and re-drafting the necessary documents to permit schools and local governments, zoning boards, and private schools to create the mechanisms and procedures to keep government functioning in the changing environment. 

Our private clients have been fantastic during this period of flux, and permitted us to direct our resources to accomplishing the public good.  Our office understands and appreciates the concern felt by our many private clients and the needs which have been more clearly identified through this period of self-isolation.

The attorneys of Eberhard, Weimer, & Glick stand ready to assist you in meeting those needs.  In these times of instability, it is important that your legal representation represents stability and understanding of the nature of what you are facing.  Since 1981, the attorneys of Eberhard, Weimer, & Glick have been in your local community and have a track record of continuing to assist our clients through the worst and best of times. 

No matter what the need these unusual and very trying times have placed upon you or your family, please feel free to call an attorney from our offices to assist you in navigating the problems you are facing.  Our experience will become your strength.