A contract is any legally-enforceable promise or set of promises made between parties.  We enter into a variety of contracts nearly everyday.  Contracts can cover an extremely broad range of matters, including cell phone service, the purchase of vehicles, buying or selling real estate, the terms of employment or an independent contractor relationship, the settlement of a dispute, as well as many other transactions.  Even if you have been presented with a "form" contract, it is a good idea to have an attorney, that is looking out for your best interest, review such a contract.  If you are entering into a transaction, it is very important to have a contract drafted that specifically addresses your concerns.  There are often many subsequent steps that need to be taken after a contract is entered such as: perfecting a security interest, transferring titles to assets, and the execution of other corresponding documents.

Unfortunately, even with the best laid plans, for a variety of reasons, contracts are unable to be fulfilled.  Whether you are the holder of the contract where the other party breached their agreement or you are unable to fulfill the contract, you will need good legal representation.

The attorneys at Eberhard & Weimer, P.C. have many years of experience in reviewing, drafting, negotiating and litigating contract issues of all kinds.

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